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We operate in the ICT market since more than 15 years, designing and implementing software solutions in the commercial and research arena. Originally an INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) spinoff, we bring to the market the academic skills, obtaining results fit to the client needs by using state-of-the-art technologies.

We are a group of over 25 IT consultants, with mixed backgrounds that span from computer science to engineering to physics.

Many of us hail from a research background, thanks to our collaboration with several italian university, with the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) and with some of its spinoff: we take to the marketplace our knowledge and ability, inherited from the academic world, to dig deep into every issue.

Our managers form a close-knit team that has been working together for many years. Work well together helps circulating ideas and knowledge, a prerequisite to always finding the best solution to the challenges and needs of our clients.

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Our method

To better keep up with our clients’ demands in an ever-evolving business landscape, we use paradigms of Rapid Prototyping, Mock-Up definition and Flexible Project scope. Aside working with our ICT clients, we take part in numerous research projects to make sure we are constantly up to date and able to keep on top of all the emerging technologies.

We believe in combining efficacy and productivity with a serene workplace, based on mutual trust and respect for everybody’s work.

In 2007, we have renewed both the management and staff, but our roots are solid. Our presence on the ITC market has been felt for over 15 years.

Arakne is certified is certified by KIWA CERMET UNI EN ISO 9001 "IT systems design, development, installation e maintenance" (code EA 33; certificate Reg. No: 9180–A).


Antimo Bruno

Antimo Bruno


Sandro Tassa

Sandro Tassa


Andrea Del Sole

Andrea Del Sole

General Manager

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Our closeness to Neat we are able to have a fresh outlook on hardware technologies and embedded technologies.


With regards to consulting and the relationship with large enterprises, the synergy we have built in the last few years with Nuvò, today within H-Farm, allows us to dramatically improve our technological ability.


Through collaborating with Nergal Consulting our technicians are able to work on strategic consultancies alongside incredibly experienced professionals.